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Applied area
This standard is stipulated to be used for wooden doors, wooden windows, and shoe cabinets used indoors of buildings such as elementary, middle, high school and government offices.

Material / Specification
1 The material used is carefully selected wood (glued wood) with a moisture content of 13% or less, and the surface finish is eco-friendly PVC DECO sheet.
If it is difficult to select a customer or purchase materials, other wood can be substituted in consultation with the customer.
name Detailed Specifications note
door frame, window frame For door frame and window frame, 45*245 dry glued wood is used.
The lower frame of the door is made of stainless steel 1.2T 30*140.
entrance door Door slats and slabs, plywood 33*100, upper 30*110, middle 30*80, bottom 30*140, Alpan is finished with eco-friendly PVC DECO sheet by giving a double-sided pattern like the E-0 MDF 12mm painting.
window Window slats laminated wood front 33*70, upper & lower 30*70, middle 30*40 eco-friendly PVC DECO sheet finish.
shoe closet The top plate, fingerboard, side plate, shelf, and partition are finished with eco-friendly PVC DECO sheet using 25T glued wood. The backing uses 9T MDF.
2 For wooden doors, wooden windows, and shoe cabinet parts, products that meet the Korean industrial standard should be used, and for other parts, only parts with excellent durability that fulfill their functions should be carefully selected and used.

1 Manufacture according to the on-site installation drawings, but for specifications different from the drawings, they must be manufactured after obtaining approval from the supervisor in charge.
2 The dimensional tolerance of the finished product shall be ±2mm to ±4mm.

1 Assembling and connecting parts should not be distorted.
2 They must have sufficient strength to perform their respective functions.
3 There should be no sharp bumps or cracks.
4 Materials that are harmful to the human body are not used.
5 The lower frame uses a PVC omega rail on stainless steel, so the door should open smoothly when opening and closing.
6 For safety reasons, hand guards made of natural rubber must be installed on the edge of the door frame.
7 For safety reasons, hand guards made of natural rubber must be installed on the side of the door.
8 The wooden doors and wooden windows shall use the same material.

1 wooden door
division Test Items unit test standard Applicable product name
완제품 torsional strength ranking unloading load - There should be no problem in opening and closing and there should be no problem in use casement
40 400 -
Finished vertical load strength residual displacement m/m 3.0 or higher casement
Exterior - There should be no problem in opening and closing and there is no problem in use
Finished opening and closing force opening force N 50 or higher casement
closing force N 50 or higher sliding door
Exterior N the door will work smoothly  
Finished Opening and closing repeatability 100,000 times or higher time There should be no problem in opening and closing and there is no problem in use casement
sliding door
Finished impact resistance Sandbag drop height 100cm - There should be no harmful deformation with one impact and no obstacle to opening and closing casement
wood fee moisture content % 15% or less  

2 wooden window
Item Performance Applicable items
product Reclosing force (applied load: 50 N) windows should work smoothly KSF 3117
Opening and closing repeatability (30,000 times) There should be no problem in opening and closing and there should be no problems in use KSF 3117
environmental change test There should be no problem in opening and closing and there should be no problems in use  
ingredient wood moisture content M13% or less KSF 3117

3 The performance test method shall be as follows.
The test method for wooden doors is in accordance with KS F 3109.
The test method for wooden windows is in accordance with KS F 3117.
Environmental change test – After leaving a window painted under the same conditions as the product in a chamber maintained at -20℃ for 2 hours, move it to a chamber maintained at 50℃ within 3 minutes and keep it for 2 hours. There should be no abnormalities such as cracks, discoloration, shrinkage, warpage, etc. repeatedly.

1 The size and composition method of the inspection object, the size and collection method of the sample shall follow the reasonable sampling inspection.
2 The color and appearance of the finished product should be visually inspected, but the dimensions should be measured using an instrument.
3 The demanding institution may collect samples and request it to an authorized testing institution or classify it with the manufacturer's official test report.

On-site assembly/construction
1 Assembly
One set for each standard is produced, samples are installed in the installation space, and assembly is carried out when there is no problem.
In case of problems, report to the supervisor and follow the instructions Securely fix the wooden connecting part using iron nails or taka nails so that no gaps are created as much as possible.
2 construction
After filling in each installation part according to the reference line set at the site, check whether installation is possible according to the finishing standards specified in the castle drawing.
After installing each product, check the horizontal and vertical alignment to correct any problems immediately.
After fixing the door frame/window frame first with urethane foam, use a fixing iron plate so that the wooden surface and the wall can be firmly fixed. It is based on 2 places horizontally and 2 places vertically.
The installation tolerance of door frame and window frame should be within ±3mm.

Materials that have been processed are packaged in a set so that there is no damage during transport, and after site installation is complete, the restorative material is installed in the main part to prevent damage caused by other processes.

Matters not specified in this standard follow general commercial practices.

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